Pam and Rex, Portland

One morning we were watching the local Portland news channel and a story about Robert Norton and Artful Cremations caught our attention. Our family had been searching for some time for a way to memorialize our mother, who was also a grandmother and great-grandmother. Living until age 90, Mimi loved to paint. Robert took a real interest in Mimi’s story and sought inspiration from each of us in personalizing our touchstones. One of Mimi’s granddaughters requested something vibrant and colorful, like an artist’s palette. She also asked that Robert specifically include a particular color of red, since she had worn a 1950’s red dress of Mimi’s to a few high school dances in the late 80s. Other touchstones were created in the shape of a heart, triangle, rectangle and an oval.

All of us were so pleased that Robert incorporated our suggestions, while at the same time designing and creating unique works of art that stand on their own. That the touchstones were created by an artist as well would have pleased Mimi, and they carry a special meaning for each of us. It was a special moment when we saw all the completed touchstones at Robert’s studio. It was actually the last time all the touchstones were together in one place, as our family is spread across Oregon and Texas. With each touchstone, our hearts remember Mimi….

  • Her special place setting at the table
  • Her blue dress to celebrate a son
  • A crystal wine glass and redbuds from the hills of Arkansas
  • A red party dress from the 50s, worn again in the 80s
  • An artist’s palette
  • A brother once lost, but found again
  • A great-granddaughter’s wishing stone

Our family cannot thank you enough for this gift.

Pam and Rex
Portland, Oregon