Karen, Santa Cruz

Our 33-year-old daughter was suddenly and unexpectedly diagnosed with terminal bone cancer in April 2011. She and her two little sons – aged 10 and 4 years – lived with my husband and me. Toward the end of her struggle, her concern and sadness were that her little boys might not even remember her. She passed away at home in my husband’s arms in June – less than three months after her diagnosis.

As her friends gathered to remember her life, one of them mentioned Robert’s artful creations. The glass heart pendant containing a tiny bit of her mother’s ashes was just beautiful, and meant so much to her.

When I contacted Robert, he was so kind, so sensitive and caring; we knew we had found someone who would be able to give us a wonderful treasure.

I asked Robert to make several pieces — some glass hearts and pendants that included particular colors that were special to my daughter. As he worked, he sent us pictures of the process. He was so respectful and gentle in everything he did, even to feeling humbled to be holding in his hands something that remained of a once-living person.

When we received the box with the glass hearts and pendants, we just wept. I gave one to each of my daughter’s special friends, and they were so touched by the gift. The boys will receive their glass hearts when they are just a little bit older. With these beautiful artistic creations, they will have something of her very person to help them remember her and the influence she had on their lives.

We thank Robert for his kindness, his concern for our own feelings about our daughter, and especially for his wonderfully sensitive artistic creations.

Santa Cruz, California